How to play?


DESCRIPTION: Cannon Basketball at big head basketball web.It arrived, the new installment of the fun physics-based basketball shoot out game. Aim is to get the ball into the basket.Shoot basketballs out of a cannon to get a ball in the hoop!Shoot basketballs out of your cannon as you try to get at least one ball into each basket. But you'll need to clear your path first!You need to use the cannon and shoot basketballs to the basket in each level. You also must solve the puzzles to clear the levels. In some levels, use a teleporter to reach the basket. Can you pass 15 levels of this game?Go and get the ultimative Cannon Basketball for free to play! Check out Sports Heads Tennis Open to have more fun!
INSTRUCTIONS: Shoot the ball into the basket from the cannon exactly offline. Use the mouse to aim anh shoot.